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Travel highlights Albania

travel highlights albania

Colourful comes to mind immediately when you think of Tirana. It is now filled with bars, restaurants and it is an eclectic mix of Ottoman, communist and Italian influences. Also fascinating are the many bunkers throughout the country, starting with Bunk'Art in Tirana, converted into a museum

One of the largest ancient sites, Butrint is a truly romantic spot. It was inhabited since historic times, as well as an ancient Greek and later Roman city.

Kruja is not far from Tirana. It is a medieval town. Here you can explore the fortress, the museum and mosque. It also has old Ottoman market - worth a visit.

Shkoder is one of the oldest cities in Europe and has an amazing cultural center. It has the beautiful Rozafa Fortress with stunning views over Lake Shkodra

The Albanian Riviera
A long stretch of Mediterrean cost in Europe with charming coastal villages.